HSS-VarioPLUS Short Core Drill

Core drill with hard material coating

Fully ground core drills made from high-performance high-speed steel with carbide coating. High economic efficiency due to longer service life, greater safety during work thanks to excellent discharge of chips, particularly for long core drills. BDS recommends the BDS 5000 high-performance cutting oil.

  • High-strength fully ground core drill
  • Carbide coating in a range of 2.5 μ
  • Longer service lives
  • More uniform discharge of chips, particularly during prolonged drilling – a key point for safety during work
High-strength full-ground core drills, which are further processed under the influence of plasma with a hard material layer in the range of 2.5 μ. As a result, these tools achieve a significantly longer service life and more even chip removal, especially with long drills. An important point for occupational safety

HSS-VarioPLUS Short Core Drill


Especificaciones Técnicas

  Corto Largo
Calidad HSS Hartstoffschicht HSS mit Hartstoffschicht
Artculo No. KBK - VP KBL - VP
Profundidad de corte en mm 30 55
Dimetro en mm 12-60 12-60
Weldon 19 mm (3/4") 19 mm (3/4")
Pasador de expulsin ZAK 075 ZAK 100
Lubricante BDS 5000 BDS 5000
Recubrimiento duro ja ja

Brocas anulares Caja y casetes

HSS-VarioPLUS short core drill
5x KBK-VP core drill with 30 mm cutting depth


2 x KBK-VP 14

2 x KBK-VP 18

1 x KBK-VP 22

HSS-VarioPLUS long core drill
5x KBL-VP core drill with 55 mm cutting depth


2 x KBL-VP 14

2 x KBL-VP 18

1 x KBL-VP 22

HSS-Co 8 short core drill
6x KBK-VP core drill with 30 mm cutting depth

KBK-VP 001

2X KBK-VP 14

2X KBK-VP 18

2X KBK-VP 22

1x ZAK 075

HSS-VarioPLUS Short Core Drill
6x KBK-VP core drill in 30 mm cutting depth

KBK-VP 002

1X KBK-VP 013

1X KBK-VP 014

1X KBK-VP 014

1X KBK-VP 017

1X KBK-VP 018

1X KBK-VP 021

1X KBK-VP 022

1x ZAK 075

Videos de brocas anulares

Calcular Velocidad de Corte

  • Material
  • Steel <700 N/m2
  • Steel <1000 N/m2
  • Número de revoluciones
  • 10-15 m/min
  • 10-15 m/min
  • Lubricantes
  • Cutting Oil BDS 5000
  • Cutting Oil BDS 5000